If you can safely access your attic take a look and see how well it’s dressed.  Look down and if you can see the drywall or plaster of your ceiling below and your roof deck isn’t already insulated, your attic needs a makeover!  Naked attics cost you tremendous amounts of energy all year round and also cost you in lost comfort.  The attic picture above is at best scantily clad.  The thin layer of old blown-in material is inadequate for our climate and not doing very much for this home’s family.

An attic like this may benefit from a proper air sealing and then added blown-in cellulose to give a nice thick blanket to keep the heat where you want it – inside during winter and in outside through the summer.  Another option would be to use spray foam insulation to deliver both air sealing and added insulation levels either to the underside of the roof deck or down onto that bare ceiling.  Our knowledgeable representatives can assist with work scope options and help you reach your goals of savings and improved comfort within your budget.

Call Bauer Specialty, we can normally complete the job in 1 or 2 days.