This Barn Is Going to Be Cozy

We partnered with a local contractor as they converted a small pole-building addition into functional living space for their customer.  The work scope was unique due to the existing construction on a concrete slab.  In an effort to protect against possible moisture transfer from the slab into the wall cavities closed-cell (aka 2 lb. foam) was used at the base of the wall and the remainder filled with open-cell (aka 1/2 lb. foam).


The irregular size and depth of the wall cavities would be extremely difficult to insulate with fiberglass and nearly impossible to air seal with caulks and sealants.  The expanding spray foam does both tasks simultaneously and fills the cracks and crevices with a custom fit.


Working together with the contractor we were able to complete the wall insulation in a single day.  He closed things up behind us and was able to keep his crew’s production moving along.

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