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Air Sealing

Sealing air leaks is critical to maintain an effective air barrier.  Without a quality air barrier insulation can not be fully effective.

Insulation is not fully effective unless it is installed properly – fully aligned with a contiguous air barrier.An air barrier is any material that restricts the flow of air through a construction assembly.  The combination of exterior sheathing and building wraps is the typical exterior air barrier.  The internal air barrier is your interior wall finish.  Now place insulation inside this wall and if its touching the barrier on all sides it will perform quite well.

Signs of Air Leaks

  • A drafty home
  • Rooms that are too hot or too cold
  • High energy bills
  • If you see bare spots where snow is melting on your roof that’s a clear indication of heat loss.
  • Icicles are another clear indication of heat loss. You may not always see icicles because it might be hiding inside your gutters until they fill up and drop over the front.

A diagnostic Energy Audit will help pinpoint the trouble so you can make informed decisions.

So how do you know where your home needs the most attention?

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