It's American Heart Month and It Affects Us All

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It's American Heart Month and It Affects Us All

Bauer Specialty Family of Companies Support of the American Heart Association

It's American Heart Month and It Affects Us All - American Heart Association

Through the story of one little girl this was brought to us and we wanted to help. In an effort to generate community awareness and support the mission of the American Heart Association Bauer Specialty and their connected family of companies is having an online social media campaign.  Help us share the love and the message of what the AHA is doing to improve patient care, reach out to populations at risk, raise awareness and educate Americans to improve cardiovascular health by 20% and reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease and stroke by 20% by 2020.

What We Need You To Do.  It’s Very Simple. And Free!

All we need you to do is Like, Share and/or Review our company pages. We’ll tally up the score and make a donation to the local Gala of Light Erie Heart Ball.  Our goal is 500 points to equal $500.  Visit our Facebook page (click here) Bauer Specialty’s Facebook page and Like, Share, Post and/or leave us a Review.  We as a company will make the financial contribution to the American Heart Association. The campaign is running through February 28th.  (Google reviews are also counted toward our totals – click here to post at our Google listing.)  Bauer Specialty is going to donate for every Like & Share $1,  every Follow $3,  and every Review $5.

An Inspiring Example

It's American Heart Month and It Affects Us All - Lilly Kwitowski
It's American Heart Month and It Affects Us All - Lilly Kwitowski Lilly Kwitowski, a brave survivor of a ventricular septal defect

Kim Kwitowski works out at the Eastside YMCA along with Dan Kerchansky, VP of Bauer Specialty Commercial Services and during a conversation it came out that Kim’s daughter Lilly is the Erie Heart Hero for 2018.  Kim shared this with us about her daughter Lillian’s story.

At six months old Lilly was diagnosed with a ventricular septal defect which is a hole in the wall separating the two lower chambers of the heart. A second opinion at Rainbow Babies in Cleveland confirmed the diagnosis. Lilly led a normal and active life until the age of five, when she began developing minor symptoms which eventually progressed into rapid heartbeat, dizziness and shortness of breath.

We were informed by her doctors that her symptoms were not related to her VSD.  Lilly then underwent various testing and procedures in an attempt to figure out what was wrong. She was eventually prescribed beta blockers in an attempt to slow her heart rate.

At the age of 8, Lilly was a candidate to have a cutting edge cardiac monitor implanted to gather data and diagnose her condition. After six months of data, Lilly was diagnosed with Tachycardia and underwent a cardiac ablation to repair the electrical signal in the heart’s chambers which were firing abnormally.

Throughout Lilly’s medical tribulations, she maintained her studies, extracurricular activities like hockey, and most importantly, a positive attitude.

It's American Heart Month and It Affects Us All - Lilly Kwitowski treatments

Lilly will be representing the American Heart Association of Erie as the 2018 Heart Hero. She is excited to educate her community and raise awareness about heart health.

Help us spread the word and share with your friends the importance of living a heart healthy lifestyle during this American Heart Month.

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