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Our May Awareness Campaign is The ANNA Shelter


Kevin Chylinski, Production Manager at Bauer Specialty, has a big heart for animals and nominated the ANNA Shelter as the group awareness campaign for May. Their mission revolves around getting as many pets to loving forever homes.  The Association for Needy and Neglected Animals was incorporated as a non-profit animal welfare organization in June of 2004.  Click here to visit their website. 

The group is named for Anna – a Shitzu mix that was brought into the local police impound and was scheduled for euthanasia.  Ruth Thompson, Director of The ANNA Shelter, spotted her and took her in.  With a little time, effort and expense, Anna was cleaned up and back on her way to good health.  The organization was started to help other animals like Anna get a second chance.  They put the extra time and effort into getting as many adoptable pets new loving, life long committed homes.  Visit their Facebook page here.

Please join us in support of the ANNA Shelter in May by sharing this story and the message of what they do to help more pets and people find each other.  Our goal is 500 Likes, Shares and Reviews of our Facebook post here.




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