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Another Happy and Satisfied Customer!

Another Happy and Satisfied Customer!

“I’m very pleased with this job! My thanks to the entire crew.”  Valerie V. 

I got to have a conversation with Valerie recently about work we completed for her home in response to her survey notes and comments.  My initial follow-up was to learn who referred Val to our company so we could send them a thank you.  In our conversation I came to learn the recommendation was from her insurance agent who was confirming the good reviews Val had found online.  Val described the process from the girl she spoke to initially on the phone, to the time Jim Moran and Dominic Pachell spent with her answering her questions, to the crew who was prompt and courteous – it was a great experience.

We get many comments like Val’s and wanted to share to give reassurance that there are still good contractors out here working hard to make the customer’s experience a good one.  We truly appreciate ours and send a great big thank you out to one and all.

Another Happy and Satisfied Customer! - Bauer Specialty
Val’s note from the survey, truly a very happy and satisfied customer



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