Certifications, Insurances, Approvals for New York

We have done a considerable amount of work to obtain a variety of certifications and accreditations as well as obtaining approvals from a variety of lenders to be able to offer their services to our customers.

  • To be able to participate in the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program we must invest in our employees.
  • A company must become Building Performance Institute (BPI) accredited to participate in the program. To become BPI accredited, the company must have technicians become BPI certified and fulfill all other BPI requirements in order to participate in the program. This involves written and field testing as well continuing education with periodic retesting.
  • Contracting organizations that successfully meet the requirements of the quality assurance program earn the right to use the BPI mark in support of their sales efforts. This recognition lets you differentiate these elite and highly-trained companies from the competition based on proven performance – not just price.
  • PA Home Energy uses nationally certified service providers to help homeowners reduce their energy use and improve the comfort of their home.
  • The Builders Association of Northwestern Pennsylvania is a non-profit association representing the residential construction industry in northwestern Pennsylvania. In conjunction with 39 other local associations around the state, they comprise the Pennsylvania Builders Association (PBA).