This is a Different Kind of Ice, Ice Baby

This is a Different Kind of Ice, Ice Baby



We’re not talking icicles, icicles baby. Icicles has too many syllables. But it’s cool to know that Vanilla Ice is a big fan of spray foam for the same reasons we are. You’ve probably heard Robert Van Winkle a.k.a Vanilla Ice is a high-end home remodeler from his show on DIY Network’s The Vanilla Ice Project.  What you may not have know is his passion to make his projects cutting edge which doesn’t just include the latest design but also from an energy saving stance as well.  Van Winkle says, “We have done over 100 episodes, and it’s exciting to partake in the evolution of a home—from the design portion to using cutting-edge technologies, and that includes using spray foam in the ceiling and the walls to provide the best R-value possible.”

The leading publication for the spray foam industry, Spray Foam Magazine, highlighted what Van Winkle thinks of the importance of foam in a remodel.  Check out the article here to catch it all.


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