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What You May Not Know About Your Fiberglass Insulation

Take a look at this fiberglass insulation. Do you notice the dirt build up?

dirty fiberglass insulation
dirty fiberglass insulation

Take a look at the second image. It is a furnace filter, a dirty one. YUCK!

Dirty Furnace Filter
dirty furnace filter

What do these two pictures have in common? Well, when we insulate our homes and businesses, the goal is to stop or significantly reduce air flow; keeping warm air inside in the Winter and the warm air outside in the Summer.

The evidence of dirt inside the fiberglass insulation shows how it allows uncontrolled air to move in and out of your home or business. Essentially, fiberglass insulation works as a filter in your walls and attic and not as insulation. Just like a furnace filter works. One major difference is that you change out your furnace filter every year. Do you change out this insulation each year? Not likely. For these reasons, it’s not the recommended choice for insulation.

Look at that dirt! Gross!!

Fiberglass insulation may be easy to install, cheap to make, and a less expensive insulation alternative, but it also gives less than desirable insulation results, as well as, raises air quality concerns.

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