Infrared Studies

Infrared Studies

Infrared is an excellent tool for diagnosing heat gain and loss.  However, if you don’t take action on what is found it’s essentially worthless to you.  Bauer Specialty can help you diagnose energy loss in your home or business and we have a variety of tools and products to help you correct the problem areas.

Here it’s plain to see how much a little wind can contribute to tremendous heat loss.  You’ll probably never feel a draft from this wind but you’ll see it in your utility bills and notice the room is uncomfortable.

This attic is an energy hog, does your’s look similar?

ir_0438-ironIn these images cold appears as dark colors.

This is looking down at an eave edge in an attic. Cold air is penetrating the space at the vented soffit.

This space should be nearly as cold as the ambient temperature of near freezing but is actually above 50. This indicates the insulation level is inadequate.

ir_0435-ironThis image is from the room below the above attic shot. The whole edge of the room is cold because wind wash is penetrating the fiberglass batts and drastically reducing its ability to hold heat in the room.

Because heat flows to cold this area is acting like a magnet robbing you of energy and comfort all winter long.