October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

This month we are joining everyone raising awareness of breast cancer and supporting those affected by it.  Cancer is a disease that has touched every family. Dan Kerchansky and Dominic Pachell share some personal thoughts below.  Be sure to encourage your loved ones to be informed and aware of breast cancer’s cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure.

Inspiration from Mother & Godmother

“The month of October allows us to pay special attention to those affected by breast cancer, past and present. Although we remember these individuals daily, October is the time where breast cancer is in the spot light. Personally, I take the time to remember my mother and godmother as they both lost their fight to this terrible disease.  I learned so much from them as they were never discouraged and always carried a smile. There are so many others in my life that have also been affected.  I admire them all for their will and strength to not give up. So many individuals and their families are affected by this disease. Please take the time to remember and support these individuals and their families. At times, we can be their strength and help in the healing process.”

-Dan Kerchansky


A Special Connection

“My family has been personally affected by that awful disease. During the initial moments, you’re forced to process and learn a lot of medical terminology as well as the types of treatments, procedures, and medications involved.  The gravity of the situation along with all of that information is at times overwhelming, but through faith, prayers, and encouragement from others you somehow find a way to face each day.

I remember arriving home from work on one of those days and Nikki saying, “I received a gift card for gas.” I said, “That’s very nice,” and asked, “Who was it from?” She said, “There’s this woman named Elisa Guida. She’s a breast cancer survivor who started a charity selling jewelry made from musician’s guitar strings. It’s called Strings for a Cure.” Absolutely amazing concept I thought.

During the weeks, months and years that followed we were blessed with several more gas cards which really helped when driving Nikki to Pittsburgh 42 of 52 weeks in 2010.  In December of 2013 we moved into a new home. One night right before the holiday there was a knock on the door. It was a smiling group of people we had never met before. They walked in with their arms filled with dozens of cookies and a handful of gift cards to buy our son presents for Christmas! All of those moments continue to resonate with me.

That’s why we want to help them continue to help others.”

-Dominic Pachell 

Please help us with our Awareness Campaign this month by Liking and Sharing this post so we can reach our goal of 500 to make a contribution to Strings for a Cure. They do an amazing job giving back to the breast cancer community in their dedication to provide education, comfort, financial assistance and emotional support to breast cancer patients.

With your help the family of Bauer companies will make this contribution.

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