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Protect Your Business with the Right Commercial Gutters. Poorly maintained or installed commercial gutters are a leading cause of water and structural damage to businesses. The best gutters for your business depends on the type of building you have and the level of maintenance your gutters will receive. At Bauer Specialty, we provide free estimates and supply a range of commercial gutter types so we can help determine and install what’s right for you.

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Types of Commercial Gutters

Here are the different gutter types and their pros and cons:

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Box Gutters

Pros: Commercial gutters are different from residential gutters but serve the same purpose to help catch water and direct it to a safe spot to protect buildings and occupants. Box gutters are frequently used on commercial buildings like large warehouse or what are often referred to as metal buildings. The box shape allows for more water volume than a similarly sized K-style gutter. It’s the roof area that produces higher water run-off when the larger size box gutters are needed.  

Typically box gutters are formed on a large metal brake with heavy gauge steel like that used in metal roofing. This allows for custom sizes to meet the needs of the roof size and is extremely durable.

Cons: Box gutters will be more prone to collecting debris becuase of their wide open size and profile. But most commercial building do not have large trees overhanging them so this is a minor problem. Large downspouting is also used which helps any debris flush away with a heavy rain to minimize clog issues. Leaf guards can be added if clogging is an issue to help reduce maintenance. 

They will require seams due to manufacturing process but typically downspouts are located at seams to avoid problems with leaks at seams.

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K-style Gutters

Pros: K-style gutters are widely popular and most common so they are easy to match. They come in different materials and price points based on thickness so budgets can vary widely. This gutter style is structurally strong and typically seamless so they help prevent water leakage if installed properly, making them a great option for commercial gutters. Commercial gutters vary in size but typically 6 inch is minimum and increases from there. 

Cons: K-style gutters are popular on residential buildings and may look odd depending on the style of commercial building you have. 

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Half-round Gutters

Pros: Half-round gutters are durable and simple to install.  The products we use don’t require sealants or caulking. These gutters are classic and fit into the look of historic buildings but dress up a plain structure very nicely. 

Cons: This type of gutter typcially costs more due to installation time and material thckness. They are very stout with heavy brackets that will stand up to the elements for years. 

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LeafGuard Gutters

Pros: LeafGuard gutters have a special design that keeps out leaves and debris. This eliminates the need and cost of hiring someone to clean the gutters regularly. 

Cons: LeafGuard gutters aren’t typically installed on commercial buildings but offer the same warranty protections whether residential or commercial and may be a good choice.