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Benefits of Airkrete® Insulation:

  • Offers a high R-value of 3.9 per inch

  • Flows around obstructions in the wall during installation which prevents voids

  • Does not shrink or settle in the wall, eliminating unwanted air infiltration

  • Will not burn – an important consideration especially in homes with older wiring

  • Resistant to insects and rodents

  • Will not support mold growth

  • A true Green product - It contains no Carcinogenic fibers, no CFCs or Formaldehyde.
    Airkrete® is odorless and free of toxins that may affect the chemically sensitive.

Airkrete® is the best choice for retrofitting insulation into enclosed cavities. Click here to visit

It’s the only retrofit non-expanding foam that fills every nook and cranny in your walls and air seals while it insulates. Airkrete® cementitious foam is installed from the exterior of your home so there is minimal inconvenience to you. It has a shaving cream consistency so as it’s pumped into your wall it flows around receptacles, wires, pipes, and other obstructions to fill the cavity. It does not settle, shrink or lose R-value over time. It stops air infiltration, as does every foam. This makes the biggest difference because without drafts your home will fell more comfortable.

Airkrete® is the only 100% fireproof residential insulation. It is 100% non-toxic and environmentally safe. It does not contain carcinogenic fibers, asbestos, fiberglass, formaldehyde or chlorinated fluorocarbons. Airkrete is odor free and non-corrosive. Due to its cementitious nature, it is 100% insect, rodent and mold resistant. Airkrete® is a 100% green product. In fact, for their model 21st century green building the Audubon Society chose Airkrete® to insulate their corporate headquarters in New York City.

Airkrete® has been on the market since 1983. It is roughly the consistency of shaving cream when it is put in place, then it quickly becomes more rigid. It is typically installed in an existing wall by injecting it into holes drilled in the building exterior. Unlike other synthetic foam products, Airkrete® is a cementitious material. This means that it is more closely related to concrete than to plastic. As a result, it is almost completely odor free and contains no formaldehyde or any other known toxic substances. Airkrete® must be installed by licensed applicators.

Airkrete® is 100% non-toxic, free of CFC’s and formaldehyde, free of asbestos and all other carcinogenic fibers. It is odor-free, has a high R-value, has no loss of R-value over time (non-shrink, non-settling), fireproof, with no by-products of combustion.

Airkrete® cementitious foam is a magnesium-based product that is derived from seawater. Foam is the most effective product for retrofitting into existing walls because of its consistency. The foam will work its way around any obstacle, providing a near-100 percent wall fill (cellulose, for example, may not fill completely around bundles of wires or pipe runs and leave random voids). Unlike bottled foam insulation used to seal small gaps around pipes and wiring, Airkrete® does not shrink or expand. In new construction, Airkrete® can be installed after drywall is hung, but taping and texturing drywall joints should be completed after the foam has completely dried (usually about 48 hours). Cementitious foam is the most benign in regards to indoor air quality; when it is being applied into a wall there is no dust. It sounds like the perfect insulation. With an insulating value of 3.9 per inch, it would exceed R-21 in a 2×6 wall.

It completely seals the cavity preventing air leaks. It doesn’t shrink. It won’t burn or attract pests. It’s non-toxic and excellent for people who are sensitive to chemicals.