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Roof Coating Erie PA

The majority of residential and commercial roofing issues found over time can be solved with a roof coating. Roof coatings can prolong the life of your roof, seal minor leaks and non-structural cracks, and reduce damage from thermal shock. Utilizing a reflective roof coating can also help significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs.

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Silicone Roof Coating

A near-perfect solution for flat roofs that are prone to pooled water is a silicone roof coating treatment. Silicone coating can reduce damage to your roof from UV rays, excessive heat, mold, mildew, and pooling water.

This option is also highly reflective and can drastically reduce the heating and cooling costs of your home. A silicone roof coating cannot be applied to non-smooth surfaces, so combining it with polyurethane coating as a primer is suggested.

roof coatings erie pa

Polyurethane Roof Coating

Because polyurethane roof coatings are a base and a top coat in one, you can prolong the life of your flat roof with just one coat. Polyurethane coating can be used in combination with silicone coatings to get the benefits of both.

Polyurethane is a liquid roof coating that can be painted on as a method of repair. The durability of polyurethane coating means you’ve got more time before a full replacement is needed.

Butyl Rubber Roof Coating

Butyl rubber has a high level of stretch to accommodate the contraction and expansion of your roof in fluctuating temperatures. It’s also highly UV-resistant and reduces the damage caused by pooling water on flat roofs with inadequate drainage.

Customers with existing metal or asphalt roofs will see immediate results with butyl roof coatings; it seals seams and reflects heat. Contractors can paint it on or spray it on with hydraulic equipment.

Acrylic Roof Coating

Many roof coatings have a solvent base; an acrylic roof coating doesn’t. Acrylic roof coating provides easier cleanup, fewer chemicals, and it is equal in UV-resistance and reflectivity to other coating solutions.

An acrylic roof coating will also create a seamless surface and a fully watertight seal when applied correctly. This solution doesn’t hold up as well as other options to pooling water.

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