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There are several types of insulation and some work better than others.

Ice forming on roof Erie PAHave you felt like a prisoner in your own home this winter due to icicles hanging overhead? In winter, it’s common to see homes with snow patched roof tops and icicles hanging off the gutters. Unfortunately, if there are icicles on your home it means that heat is escaping. Not only that, but the icicles can be dangerous to those coming and going in and out of your house, and the ice build up can also be damaging your roof – lifting the shingles, allowing moisture inside and potentially damaging your walls. So, what can you do?

Call a professional. There are energy auditors that can come to your home and evaluate where cool air is sneaking into your home or warm air is escaping. With infrared technology, you can see just where you have issues and the professionals can suggest ways to improve the seal of your home. Many companies offer free analysis, so be sure to ask.

Spray foam insulation, Erie PAThere are several types of insulation and some work better than others. It is a good idea to research and find out which kind will fit your home best. Not all structures can be insulated the same way because of accessibility – cathedral ceilings, cape cods, and an A frame home could all require different types and methods of insulation. The company you are working with should be able to share this information with you.

The initial investment of adding or replacing insulation well outweighs the money that is escaping each month through your energy bills. By delaying insulation improvements you can end up paying more money each month to heat and cool your home. What’s even more troubling is each time utility rates rise you’ll be losing even more money for less and less comfort. It is worth investigating.

If you are concerned over the cost of improvements, there are state run programs that can provide assistance.

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