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911, 2017

Applying Spray Foam Insulation from the Outside

The ceiling is opened up from the other side for the spray foam insulation application. Sometimes it's not as simple as just spraying foam to the underside of the roof deck.  If the ceiling is vaulted or a cathedral the only option is to open things up from one side or the other.  At this customer's house the best [...]

611, 2017

U.S. Homeowners See Great Benefits in Insulation Upgrades

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the National Association of the Remodeling Industry released their 2017 Remodeling Impact Report in which they score and report on how consumers view things from home improvement projects completed.  The results for insulation upgrades are very favorable and give some great insight into other reasons we don't often consider at the start of [...]

2610, 2017

Another Happy and Satisfied Customer!

"I'm very pleased with this job! My thanks to the entire crew."  Valerie V.  I got to have a conversation with Valerie recently about work we completed for her home in response to her survey notes and comments.  My initial follow-up was to learn who referred Val to our company so we could send them a thank you.  In [...]

2310, 2017

Damp Basement or Crawlspace? Get Help NOW

We've all smelled it, sensed it, felt it. It's palatable.  We're talking about a damp basement or crawlspace, high moisture levels and vulnerable to mold, pests and decay.  The odor is typically caused by the rise in mold spores in the space due to the higher moisture content.  Buildings can handle a degree of moisture before they become overloaded but [...]

2010, 2017

How is Cellulose Insulation Added into Attics?

The attic is prepped before the cellulose is used. Attic insulation is the hat that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  It's more than just a cost per square foot.  The attic needs to be properly prepared before the insulation can be blown-in. Detailing light fixtures, wire penetrations, pipe chases, stairwell openings, [...]

1910, 2017

MicroGuard: A Reliable Gutter Protection Option for Every Homeowner

Here's a sample of a MicroGuard installed on a section of strap hung gutter. Most of us have seen the variety of gutter protection devices that clearly don't work - they're bent up and coming loose on top of the gutter.  Or even better evidence - something growing out of the gutter!  We've got a great option [...]

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