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Insulation Makes a Difference
Thermal Camera Insulation
Bauer Specialty - We Do It All

How is your list of home projects coming along? Whether you are a new homeowner or have lived in your house for twenty years, there is always something to do and never enough time to do it. At Bauer Specialty, the goal of our team is to provide great service and solutions that will help you enjoy your home today and for the years ahead. We offer a wide variety of interior and exterior home remodeling services to lower your heating and cooling expenses, reduce maintenance, correct water problems, and make it yours - beautiful and comfortable. We do it all!


  • Insulation including eco-friendly cellulose, spray foam, and AirKrete, which is 100% fireproof, environmentally friendly, and
  • All types of Gutters, including the LeafGuard Gutter System - the gutter that NEVER clogs
  • Soffit and fascia replacement and repair
  • Siding
  • Roofs of all types
  • Kitchen & bath remodeling
  • Windows and doors
  • Drywall and painting


For more than 25 years, Bauer Specialty has been serving the tri-state community. We would love the opportunity to work with you. Please keep us in mind for your next project.

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Insulation Makes a Difference

Matt comments on the difference improved insulation makes after the record snowfall Erie Pennsylvania received between Christmas 2017 and New Years.


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Thermal Camera Insulation

Advantages of proper insulation: More comfortable home. In a poorly insulated dwelling, warm, comfortable air travels up and out of your home and is replaced by cold air resulting from the negative pressure – The result is a draft or uncomfortable space in your home. Whether it’s feeling too hot in summer or too cold in winter, proper insulation will improve your comfort immediately.

Ice dams are a common roof performance problem in buildings that experience snowfall and at least a month of below freezing temperatures. The combination of sufficient roof pitch, adequate insulation just above the exterior wall, and air sealing at the wall-roof assemblies transition are all essential to prevent ice dams. But ice dams can occur even in properly detailed roof assemblies from differential solar snow melt. This digest outlines both the causes and solutions to ice dam problems. Learn more about ice dams.

Savings on heating bills. Did you know that you could save up to 40% on your heating bill? Now that is a great reason to schedule a free insulation and home energy consultation.

Re-sale value. Updating your insulation will increase the value of your home. Remember that potential buyers and home inspectors check for proper insulation.

What Customers Say About Bauer Specialty

“I would like to send a brief note regarding the service at my residence on Thursday the 23rd of August. In the two years that I have owned my home on Hawthorne Trace and the over $150,000 of remodeling, I have never experienced a more friendly, clean and accommodating crew than the two gentlemen that Bauer Specialty sent to my home.

Both Brian and Doug were unbelievably polite, extremely conscientious of the surrounding and performed in the most professional manner.

Please pass this note on to Mr. Bauer.

Thank you and I look forward to doing more business with Bauer Specialty.”

Bob Maas - Fairview, PA
“This is to express my appreciation for the excellent job your crew did insulating my 100 year old house with Air Krete last fall. I am extremely pleased with the drastic cut in my heating bill over the past Winter! Also, it is noticeably quieter inside. Your crew was extra careful in removing and replacing the old, brittle shingles, so that almost no damage was done. This was to me, an incredible feat and only accomplished because of the painstaking manner with which you worked.

Thanks again for a job well done!”

Judy Farrar - Erie, PA
“It is our pleasure to write you regarding our energy savings. Not only does our home look better, it is much more comfortable in both winter and summer. Our first summer with our new insulation, windows and doors we only ran our air conditioner three days!”

As for the heating season, we cut natural gas use by 615 CCF, or 53%. This was a savings not only in natural gas, but also in repairs to our 30 year old boiler was costing us. Oh yes, because we ran the air conditioner less and the boiler ran less our electric bill didn’t go up when our rates increased!

All thanks to Bauer Specialty and Keystone HELP.

Sherrie Parsons
“Your crew was very professional, explained reasons for delays, and seemed very concerned about customer care. They worked hard under extreme heat conditions and a difficult area to move.(had to crawl)They deserve a raise. Job well done!!!”
Cliff H. Erie, PA
“The young men who came to our home were great. They did a wonderful job. They were also respectful toward us and our belongings. I will definitely recommend your company to others.”
Bob N. Springboro, PA
“Installation was carefully accomplished. Work crew did an excellent job. Attention to detail was obvious.”
Robert E. Hamburg, NY
“Would have your people work for me anytime. Were clean, quiet, and know the work well. Was pleased to have them here. Thank you.”
Ed G. Williamsville, NY
“It took me 1.5 years to find a contractor that didn’t want compromise the warranty on my metal roof and at the same time. Your company offered a maintenance free gutter and the professionals to do the job. Also, thanks to Casey’s solution to problem of my gutters.”
Chuck O. Lewiston, NY
“After two hard rains, everything with the gutter system seems to be perfect! I was impressed with the quick and professional installation. I also very like the looks and the way they accent the house/roof.”
Matt S. - North East, PA
“Very Satisfied.”
Joe M. - Erie (KG)
“Installation was prompt and professional.”
Marjorie M. - Erie (KG)
“Very satisfied with work, great job – thank you. Attic is being insulated by Bauer Specialty at same time.”
Natalya V. - Erie (KG/Soffit/Fascia/Windows)
“Excellent work and professional, the job was complete in a timely manner.”
Marcia A. - Erie (KG & MG)
“Very Impressed by level of workmanship. Very neat, organized work space. Friendly, professional atmosphere. They went above and beyond, even knocking down a HUGE wasp nest, the size of a basketball, for my 86 year old mother. – Thank you.”
Jeanne O. - Erie (KG)
“Very Satisfied.”
Richard K. - Erie (KG)
“Fast, friendly crew did a good job and clean up!”
Gary K. - Erie (KG)
“Everyone on the job – from Chris King to Kevin to Erik & Dave were great to work with. They explained everything and kept me posted on every detail. The end product looks great. You have some really great employees who know their stuff and do their stuff. Great doing business with everyone.” He also stated he has already mentioned our company to a few friends and family members.”
Jim B. - Erie
“The men who worked on my house were very courteous & polite. They even shoveled my porch so they wouldn’t track snow in my house. I cannot say enough good things about them.”
Nancy M. - Erie (½# & Cellulose)
“I think the guys did a very good job at a good price. I am interested in gutters for my cabin this summer.”
Ted S. - Edinboro
“Very satisfied with work. Job well done, thank you.”
Natalya V. - Erie (½#)
“Very professional and the work is excellent, the job was completed in a timely manner.”
Michael & Marcia A. - Erie (Windows & Siding)
“Very Satisfied.”
Richard K. - Erie (Cellulose)
“Your sales, workers, are polite, informative very efficient, did not waste time. Very nice crew!!”
Barbara L. - Edinboro (½#)
“Very Satisfied.”
Lance Z. - Buffalo (KG/MG & 6inches KG/6inches MG)
“VERY nice and took care of other minor problems I asked for.”
Mark K. - Erie (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Friendly professional instgallers, good value for the money”
Jim G. - Waterford, PA (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Excellent Workmanship”
Bob G. - Erie, PA (Spray Foam Insulation)
“Courteous, craftsman-like, , professional. On time, on budget, as promised.”
Andrew W. - Erie, PA (Gutter Covers & Accessories)
“Very friendly and professional”
Tony C. - Buffalo, NY (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Very professional”
Richard W. - Grand Island, NY (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“A few more projects to be done. Part one-excellent”
Jim S. - Jamestown, PA (Spray Foam Installation)
“Installers were very good.”
Michael I. - Tonawanda, NY (Seamless Metal Gutters)
“Jim Moran very professional of his work, Mike and his partner were on time very good work and, by the way, worked very hard to get job done.”
D. Horanic - Erie (Half Pound Foam/Open Cell Foam)
“The installers were very professional; did an excellent job. Most respectful: I like that!”
J. Roessler (MicroGuard)
Bonnie W. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Your crew did a great job!”
Herman D. - Erie (MicroGuard)
“Very satisfied”
Martin O. - Niagara Falls (K-Gutter)
“Did a superior job on insulation and now the gutters.”
Larry M. - Waterford (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
T.B. - Ripley (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
H. Z. - North Tonawanda (MicroGuard)
“All crew members worked very hard very diligent good work easy to get along with.”
Dave H. - Erie (Two Pound Foam/Closed Cell Foam)
“Very Satisfied”
J.M. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“We are very impressed and pleased with the work that was done and by your employees. They were friendly and professional. We know we can trust your company to do a great job!”
Quinn & Marlene W. - Saegertown (Fascia & Soffit)
“Your men were excellent!”
Joseph Y. - Erie (MicroGuard)
“JD and Ray did fantastic job snaking drains. KC did great job putting new gutters on.
Also said the reason for choosing our company was, “Chris King very professional!”
KJ S. - Erie (K-Gutter)
Joe K. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
Karen T. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Your team was excellent, good, thorough, fast, and they were very good about cleaning up at the end.”
Ed B. - Girard (Roofing and Half Pound Foam/Open Cell Foam)
“I am so pleased with the job you did. The guys were always there when they said. All were very nice I can’t say enough about how great a job they did. They cleaned everything up and even put my flag pole and plant pole back for me. I will highly recommend you to anyone. Fantastic Job *heart*”
Frank L. - Erie (Porch Remodel)
“Your representatives for Bauers were clean, polite, answered all my questions and were very professional. VERY happy with job.”
Andrea L. - Erie (Cellulose)
“We were told the work would take one full day. Unfortunately it took longer. Still very satisfied” and “Would recommend your company”
Nancy W. - Erie (Half Pound Foam/Open Cell Foam)
“Nice Job – Done very timely.”
R. F. - Erie (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
G.D. - Erie (LeafGuard & K-Gutter)
“Both the R&D and insulation crews were efficient, courteous, answered all of our questions and did a good job cleaning up afterwards.”
L.D. - Erie (Half Pound Foam/Open Cell Foam)
“Very Satisfied”
L.P. - Edinboro (Roofing)
“Very Satisfied”
L.P. - Cheektowaga (K-Gutter)
“Excellent work! The installers were very helpful and professional. House looks great!” Also IS INTERESTED IN INSULATION FOR SHED.
Patti W. - Erie (Soffit and Fascia)
”We’re very happy – thank you!”
V. V. - Erie (Half Pound Foam/Open Cell Foam & Two Pound Foam/Closed Cell Foam)
“Thanks for the three nice, young men who worked very hard in the extreme heat!! 90°”
Jim & Babe A. - Meadville (MicroGuard & Heat Tape)
“The team arrived on time and did an excellent job. Very happy with their work!”
Sheryl & Chris L. - Edinboro (K-Gutter)
“I’m very pleased with this job! My thanks to the entire crew!”
Valerie V. - Erie (Half Pound Foam/Open Cell Foam & Two Pound Foam/Closed Cell Foam)
“Very Satisfied”
Jana B. - Erie (Cellulose)
“Very Satisfied”
L.C. - Columbus (LeafGuard & K-Gutter)
“Good job”
L. D. - North East (K-Gutter)
“Very Satisfied”
B. V. - Girard (K-Gutter)
“An item was missed on the contract but the crew came back and took care of it.”
K. B. - Williamsville (MicroGuard)

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