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1810, 2017

Want to Save Some Monday? Fix Your Home’s Rim Joist!

Fixing the rim joist can improve your house's condition. Image courtesy of You're sitting on it. Your rim joist, this is the the part of your house where the floor joists sit on the foundation walls.  Typically you can see this area in your basement when you look up.  Case studies* have seen energy savings up to [...]

1610, 2017

Cold House? Of Course It’s an Insulation Problem!

Does your grandma usually tell you to zip your coat up? She probably yelled more than told but that's good because she was right.  Running around without a coat is not good in the winter and living in a house without insulation is also uncomfortable.  Older homes were often uninsulated because back then the cost of energy wasn't such a [...]

1310, 2017

Bauer Specialty Now Offers Partial Home Remodeling!

If you need work done in phases we will be glad to work with you.  These pictures from our friends' home in North East, PA are of their third spray foam project!  As they remodel an area at a time we've been their insulation partner to help improve the energy efficiency and comfort level a step at a time.  We [...]

1110, 2017

Garages Need Foam Insulation Too

It may not sound like it, but our garages need foam insulation too. They're often overlooked, but they are hardworking spaces that can be even more useful with some insulation attention. A recent project completed by lead sprayer Mike Yokom and Colton Owens is seen here.  Another beautiful spray foam installation completed in one day. This garage received open-cell foam insulation [...]

910, 2017

Is Your Attic Naked? The Best Way to Insulate the Attic

If your house feels colder than usual, you may need to insulate the attic. If you can safely access your attic take a look and see how well it's dressed. Look down and if you can see the drywall or plaster of your ceiling below and your roof deck isn't already insulated, your attic needs a makeover! [...]

610, 2017

Barn Transformation: Turning an Old Barn into a Cozy Living Space

We partnered with a local contractor as they converted a small pole-building addition into functional living space for their customer.  The work scope was unique due to the existing construction on a concrete slab.  In an effort to protect against possible moisture transfer from the slab into the wall cavities, the barn transformation needed closed-cell (aka 2 lb. foam) at [...]

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