This is a Different Kind of Ice, Ice Baby

We’re not talking icicles, icicles baby. Icicles has too many syllables. But it’s cool to know that Vanilla Ice is a big fan of spray foam for the same reasons we are. You’ve probably heard Robert Van Winkle a.k.a Vanilla Ice is a high-end home remodeler from his show on DIY Network’s The Vanilla Ice Project.  What…

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Why You Need Crawlspace Insulation

Why Your Home Needs Crawlspace Insulation

So you’ve contracted professionals and made sure to properly insulate most of your home. But there’s something wrong. The walls are nice and warm but the floors are unbearably cold! What happened? It could be your crawlspace. While this part of the house is basically hidden away, it’s still as important as any room when…

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Should You Care About Ice Dams?

We’ve all seen icicles overhanging a roof edge. Sometimes they’re tiny little shoestring icicles and other times they’re huge widow maker ice chunks. But what’s the difference between icicles and ice dams? Typically you will see icicles before the problem grows into an ice dam. As melting snow flows to the roof edge and then…

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October Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

This month we are joining everyone raising awareness of breast cancer and supporting those affected by it. Cancer is a disease that has touched every family. Dan Kerchansky and Dominic Pachell share some personal thoughts below. Be sure to encourage your loved ones to be informed and aware of breast cancer’s cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment…

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Spray Foam’s Major Eco-Friendly Qualities

Spray Foam’s Major Eco-Friendly Qualities The right insulation doesn’t just protect your home from drafts. It also presents a viable solution for going green. So if you’re thinking about upgrading your house’s insulation system into SPF, here are some important things that you should consider. These are some of spray foam’s major eco-friendly qualities. Energy…

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