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Repair and Restoration Work from Storms and Accidents

What is an Insurance Claim Process Like? 

For homeowners you’ve paid insurance premiums for years and thankfully never had to file a claim, but suddenly all that changed. It could be an extreme thunderstorm or tornado with damaging wind and hail. It could be a fire from a faulty appliance or unattended stove. Or a frozen water pipe that floods a bathroom on the second floor and the living room below. Once you catch your breath what do you do next? Be sure everyone is safe and the danger is removed. Secure things to prevent further damage or contact Bauer Specialty to assist with this initial protection.

We can help get things protected to keep the elements out and then begin to work with you to get things put back together.

When you contact your insurance company this is when you officially “make a claim” to tell them what has happened and the process begins. Your insurance company will appoint a claims adjuster to come out and evaluate your property for the claim. They will prepare a report and tell you how much the insurance company will pay toward the claim dependent upon your insurance policy details and less your deductible amount. Once you agree to this the insurance company will send you a check for the amount that you would use to have things put back together. 

It sounds so simple but an issue we have encountered with multiple homeowners after the hail storm in early 2019 was the low amount of the initial claim from the insurance company’s adjuster. If accepted as is the homeowner would be forced to make up the difference in cost in order to put their home back together to conditions prior to the damage. Our Bauer Specialty representatives estimate claims using the Xactimate software system.

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Xactimate to Speak Insurance Claim Language

We invested in the Xactimate software system to be able to accurately estimate claim work and obtain the correct figures for homeowners. By speaking the language of the insuarance companies we put the homeowner in a stronger position as we work with them to negotiate for an accurate claim amount to return your home to the proper condition.

Our representatives carefully document the damages found and provide these details with their report. This allows homeowners to negotiate an accurate amount on their claim. Through our negotiations we have been able to raise initial claim amounts considerably.  For example $17,000 to $23,000  –  $18,000 to $37,000  –  $35,000 to $67,000  –  $21,000 to  $46,000  –  and $55,000 to $73,000.

How can estimates be so far apart?

Part of the issue is the time and experience our reps bring to your home. They are able to assess details that are often overlooked by an adjuster. For example in one instance premium siding damaged by hail on two sides of a home was calculated for those two sides alone. After the real work of inspecting and following through with quotes it was discovered the style of siding was discontinued.  In order to satisfy the homeowner’s policy the entire home needed to be resided. Without our negotiation the homeowners would have been left short and having to figure out a different way to repair things or paying the difference for what they were rightfully due.

So if You Need Us for an Insurance Claim We'll Be There

We hope you don’t ever have to experience the need to call us for an insurance related claim. We’d much rather meet on terms related to upgrading insulation, improving your gutters or helping you out with that dream addition.  But should you need us for that storm or accident damage please give us a call. We’d love to go to work for you so you receive the full benefit of the insurance policy you’ve paid for all these years.