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Roofing Contractors Erie, PA

Your roof is the first line of defense your home has against the elements. Whether we like it or not, our roof will need to be replaced every couple of decades. When that time comes, Bauer Specialty should be your go-to company. With highly trained and experienced contractors and knowledge of different roof types, we’re the perfect Erie roofing contractors for your job.

From the outside, a roof may look fine, but under the shingles, there may be rot and damage from weather and falling debris. It’s important to replace the roof before it causes more significant damage to your attic and home interior.  

A new roof will increase your home’s resale values as well, giving buyers less concern about ongoing costs of maintenance. Your home can be inspected by a professional to determine if the best option is to repair the damage or to replace the roof entirely.

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Why Should I Use a Roofing Professional?

Thousands of people fall from their roofs every year. They are often repairing the roof, cleaning and repairing gutters, or installing Christmas lights. Don’t let yourself become one of those statistics. Our trained professionals spend much of their time on rooftops and are trained to use equipment designed for their safety.

Often, DIYers start a big job like replacing their roof and find it to be too big of a project. They’ve now spent time and money on roofing supplies and started a job they’re not equipped to complete. Often, our professionals come in and end up re-doing poorly done work or repairing damages caused by the DIYer. Another common issue our professionals come up against is that the materials selected are not appropriate for the job. Weather and climate have a lot to do with the choice of materials.

While installing a new roof, a professional can also install appropriate insulation. Insulation installation at the time of construction is often more efficient and thorough than retrofitting insulation into an existing space.

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Roofing Inspection

It’s important to visually inspect your roof regularly, especially after large weather events. Missing shingles, damaged shingles, and rusty or missing flashing are all major contributors to damaging the roof under the first layer. Your shingles protect the wooden base of your roof from moisture and rot. If you’re missing shingles, your roof isn’t protected from future rain, snow, or hail.

You may have questions of “how much will a new roof cost me”, “what is the best shingle”, or “is there financing for new roofs?” Whether it is determining your budget, choosing the right shingle or any other question; Bauer has years of experience helping clients choose the right solution for their homes or commercial buildings.

Bauer Specialty provides on time and accurate estimates. Our sales team can provide valuable roof assembly input and comprehensive options for your roof and all related projects. Call on Bauer Specialty for your next roofing inspection and replacement.