Applying Spray Foam Insulation from the Outside

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Applying Spray Foam Insulation from the Outside

Sometimes it’s not as simple as just spraying foam to the underside of the roof deck.  If the ceiling is vaulted or a cathedral the only option is to open things up from one side or the other.  At this customer’s house the best option was to work from the outside and avoid the mess and disruption from an interior demolition process. Specifically, there was a need to use spray foam insulation from the outside. The fortunate thing was that they were contemplating a new roof soon and it provided the best way to get the job done.

Insulation removal is sometimes necessary

On this project we assisted the homeowner’s roofing company with the spray foam insulation.  The roof crew prepped the site with shingle, plywood and old fiberglass insulation removal one section at a time.  We were brought in to spray open-cell foam into the now open rafter cavities and trim excess foam as needed to allow the roofers to replace sheathing and get things weather tight.

Previous repairs didn’t fix things

An interesting point to note about the pictures showing the sprayer standing on what appears to be the drywall of the interior ceiling – it’s not drywall.  The previous homeowner’s had built a roof over their original roof in an attempt to improve their insulation.  So the sprayer is standing on a plywood roof deck without worry of cracking something below.  Unfortunately the previous owners did not know about the benefits and effectiveness of spray foam insulation.

This winter these customers will enjoy less icicle buildup on their gutters and a warmer home inside.  And next summer they will receive the benefit of a cooler home while enjoying the energy savings all year long.

If you have questions about applying spray foam insulation from the outside or just about the comfort level in your home, please contact Bauer Specialty Insulation right away for a free consultation.  We’ll do our best to help out with options to make improvements if necessary.  We service Northwest Pennsylvania and up through the Buffalo, New York area.  Don’t suffer through another season.  Contact us today. Erie, PA 814-898-8517 | Buffalo, NY 716-695-1010



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