About Us

About Us

We’re a Little Different

Our philosophy about building insulation is different from many other companies. Since your home has its own unique set of circumstances we don’t approach it with a “one-product-fits-all” attitude. We use quality insulation materials because their proven performance and air sealing quality lasts longer and saves you money year after year. We recognize that budgets can be tight and homeowner needs vary, that’s why we offer insulation in a variety of forms. We have four different types of foam available, stabilized cellulose, blown-in cellulose and fiberglass batts – we can insulate it all.

The Whole House Approach

An important aspect that separates us is how we evaluate a building. Our representatives are trained in “Building Science” so they can properly evaluate your home. A Building Science approach inspects the home as a completely integrated system and within that system, altering one aspect may result in effects for the rest of it – positively or negatively. We take into account not only your utility bills, but also your comfort, health, and safety. A thorough inspection of your home will be made from basement to attic, in order to provide you with the best solution available. We’ll educate you on what should be done to improve your home’s system with workscope options to fit your needs.

Service Areas

We service Northwest Pennsylvania and Western New York. We have helped hundreds of people live more comfortably while saving valuable energy and dollars.  We do travel beyond these areas occasionally, please contact us with your needs and we’ll try to accommodate them.

Congratulations on taking steps toward educating yourself on the value of insulation. When you are ready for the next step contact us to schedule your free in-home energy analysis. One of our experts will show you how to improve the comfort level and energy efficiency of your home.

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