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Using Cellulose for Attic Insulation: A Side-by-Side Comparison

Using Cellulose for Attic Insulation: A Side-by-Side Comparison Here’s a great example of what improved attic insulation will look like on the outside of a building.  These town homes share a common wall but no longer share the same inefficient attic insulation.  We were called in to help the homeowners of Townhouse B improve their attic insulation before winter arrived.  Peeking into the attic a pretty good amount of blown in cellulose insulation was seen.  However there were quite a few issues as you probed further.

Townhouse A

Ice buildup at edge of roof is getting thick.  Interesting it has not spilled over to create large icicles yet.

Townhouse B

Attic insulation added to this unit which shares a wall with Townhouse A.  Notice there is no build up of ice at the eave.Using Cellulose for Attic Insulation: A Side-by-Side Comparison - Special Offer Lack of air sealing was found at various recessed lights, bathroom fans, interior soffits and chase ways.  Ventilation was sporadic and no wind dams (to block wind from penetrating the attic insulation) were in place.  The crew of Jesse Law and Brandon Smith worked in the sometimes tight spaces to seal things up creating a more efficient pressure boundary for the attic which could then receive additional blown in cellulose to bring the attic up to building code recommended R-value for our climate zone, R-38. We’ve heard back from the homeowner’s after the snowmageddon storm that hit Erie PA over Christmas 2017 and they commented that the house feels better and warmer.  In addition to the peace of mind that ice dams won’t cause them a water intrusion problem. Cellulose insulation is a great product that may be the right solution for your home.  Contact Bauer Specialty for a free estimate and evaluation.  Serving northwest Pennsylvania including Erie County, Crawford County, Warren County and Mercer County as well at western New York from Chautauqua County and Cattaraugus County to Erie County and Niagara County.



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