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Want to Save Some Monday? Fix Your Home’s Rim Joist!

Want to Save Some Monday? Fix Your Home's Rim Joist! - Rim Joist Diagram

Fixing the rim joist can improve your house’s condition. Image courtesy of EnergyStar.gov.

You’re sitting on it. Your rim joist, this is the the part of your house where the floor joists sit on the foundation walls.  Typically you can see this area in your basement when you look up.  Case studies* have seen energy savings up to 19% from sealing this area with spray foam.  That’s a great return on investment and doesn’t include the added benefits of improved comfort and air quality for your family.[/fusion_text][fusion_text]Rim joists may be a DIY project you can tackle but it can be a messy job.  Bauer Specialty can help with projects large or small so contact us for a free estimate and suggestions on ways to help reduce the air leakage in your home.

Here’s a completed rim joist that seals out unwanted air infiltration and reduces the impact of stack effect on your home’s energy loss.

*Case Study from an Energy Rating performed by Hathmore Technologies, certified HERS energy rater (Test File: 031907 “FOMO TEST”)



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