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Updating your siding is the fastest way to improve the curb appeal of your home and its property value. You’ll see an immediate increase in the curb appeal of your home by refinishing, repairing or replacing your siding.

The professional contractors at Bauer Specialty have the expertise to help you choose the best siding solution for your home, design, and budget. They are happy to talk and work with you to discover your exact requirements to realize your vision.

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Wood Siding

Wood Siding is one of the most visually versatile options for your home. Traditional wood siding is also one of the oldest and most historically lasting siding options. Because it comes in so many varieties and finishes, it works with almost any design.

It is relatively high-maintenance; to protect it from the elements, it needs to be finished with paint, stain, or varnish. The initial preparation effort for wood siding for installation and repair is more, but the final look is classic and timeless.

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Vinyl Siding

This option was a revolution in building materials. Vinyl siding is low-maintenance, relatively inexpensive, easy to repair or replace when damaged, and it holds a classic aesthetic. This siding option is available in a wide variety of colors that don’t need to be painted, and it can be installed either horizontally or vertically.

It is prone to damage in cold climates but is relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. It can be installed directly over your home’s existing siding. Repairs and replacements are easily taken care of with Bauer Specialty.

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Fiber Cement

Fiber cement leads the pack for durability and easy upkeep. It isn’t susceptible to rot or insects and is much harder to damage than many other options, and customers appreciate the longevity of this option. Long-term warranties are available from most manufacturers because of its long durability.

Customers can find fiber cement in a variety of formats, including but not limited to shingles, stucco panels, and beveled planks. Some fiber cement siding can even mimic the look of wood.

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Metal Siding

Metal siding was the first alternative to the high maintenance of wood. This option gives customers a more industrial look, but it does have the benefit of being corrosion- and weather-resistant. Aluminum and steel are common options for retrofitting over existing siding. It is often nailed in overlapping sheets to protect the unlying structure from the elements.

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