MicroGuard: A Reliable Gutter Protection Option for Every Homeowner

Here’s a sample of a MicroGuard installed on a section of strap hung gutter.

Most of us have seen the variety of gutter protection devices that clearly don’t work – they’re bent up and coming loose on top of the gutter.  Or even better evidence – something growing out of the gutter!  We’ve got a great option that really works.  Englert’s MicroGuard gutter screen features the latest in micro-filtration technology providing superior leaf protection.

From our experience they’ve got the size of hole and spacing figured out.  The holes are small enough to keep small stems like those of the whirly-bird maple tree seeds out.  But they’re tight enough together to allow maximum water entry through the screen and into the gutter trough.

MicroGuard the type of gutter protection that does not penetrate shingles and won’t violate roofing material warranties. Each four foot section is installed with zip screws guaranteeing secure and maintenance-free leaf protection. The sections are made of sturdy 032 gauge aluminium and have 2000 holes per lineal foot to maximize drainage.

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