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Gutter Repair Contractors Erie PA

Gutters are such an important factor in the safety and maintenance of your home that repairs should never be postponed. Repairing your gutter may require a small cost, but it’s nothing in relation to the costs of larger repairs that come from water damage.

  • Cracked foundation

  • Waterlogged walls

  • Leaks in the attic

  • Insulation damage

  • Flooded interior

  • Electrical damage

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Why Do I Need Gutters?

Your home is built (most likely) on a concrete foundation. Your gutters divert water from rainfall and snowfall off your roof and away from your home’s foundation. If the water doesn’t divert away, it can cause ice dams in your eves, collapsing or leaking into your attic space. It can absorb into the concrete in your foundation and expand when it freezes, cracking the foundation, and letting more moisture under your home. It can damage landscaping and pose a threat to you and your family through harboring pests.

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Most Common Gutter Repairs

Commonly, gutter damage occurs due to the neglect of maintenance. Even gutters with gutter guards need maintenance to ensure that debris hasn’t clogged water flow. At least once a year, you should visually inspect your gutters looking for damage. Most commonly, you’ll find

  • Loose or missing gutter components – Between wind and rain, excess debris, and pests building nests, your gutters can become detached and fall, or blow away. It’s important to tighten up the gutters you have and replace the ones that are missing.
  • Leaks – Leaks can be caused by many things: cracks and damage to the actual gutter component, debris clogging, and worn-out water seals. Leaks can lead to damage to the siding of your home and foundation issues.
  • Damaged downspouts – Downspouts are the parts of your gutter that brings water to ground level and away from your home’s foundation. Often, homeowners divert the water into the garden or lawn. They’re also a commonly dislodged or damaged part. Kinks, pinches, or missing sections don’t allow the water to get to where it needs to go to be safely away from the foundation.
  • Time – Use of the gutters over years of service will lead to pieces needing to be replaced due to corrosion, rust, cracks, and mildew.
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Professional Gutter Repair

Bauer Specialty has trained professionals to help you determine your repair needs and to make them happen. Thousands of people injure themselves each year repairing their gutters; let the professionals take care of this job. We can suggest improvements to make your maintenance easier and your gutters more efficient.