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Basement Insulation Erie PA

The basement of your home can either be a cold, damp, dark, uncomfortable place, causing foundation damage and mold growth, or it can be a beautifully finished addition of space to your home value. The biggest factor affecting the outcome is your basement insulation.

Basements are built out of the concrete foundation of your home and can be host to a ton of moisture, causing mold, leaks, and other damage. Properly sealing and insulating the space can prevent these things and give a beautiful base for building out the space into something useful.

Proper basement insulation in Erie PA and finishing can add significantly to your home’s resale value and your family’s enjoyment of every square foot you own. Basements used for storage will also benefit from proper insulation since this will protect the things you’re storing.

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Vapor Barrier

Concrete or cinder blocks are porous and act much like a sponge for ambient moisture. When it rains, your concrete will absorb the moisture from the soil around it. Vapor is created from the moisture drying into the basement space; this can present like a leak or just a bit of condensation. Regardless of how it presents in your basement, it’s going to create an environment of cold dampness, and that’s the perfect environment for mold to grow.

If your vapor barrier is placed incorrectly, and you fill the gaps between framing and joists with blown-in insulation, like fiberglass, your filler will get wet, and it won’t be able to dry out. This makes the mold issue worse, and your insulation becomes ineffective. There are a number of options to mitigate this problem.

Insulation Options

A professional is the best person to ask about the insulation solution that best fits the space you need to work in. Bauer Specialty professionals are specifically trained to figure out the best options. They’ve worked in hundreds of varying spaces, and use their experience to ensure your basement is ready to be finished comfortably and with the highest efficiency and safety.

The experts at Bauer Specialty are available for a consultation and quote; their knowledge will help you come to the best decision for your situation. They are versed in the technicalities and specifics of everything from rigid foam and batt style insulation options to spray-in-place foams and loose-blown insulation. They’ll be able to educate you on what choice works best and why.

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