roof repair erie pa

Roof Repair Erie PA

Roof repair should be your top home improvement priority. Repairing damage as it happens will prolong your roof life and prevent costly damages down the road. Beyond that, repairing damages will mean you can put off a full roof replacement for longer.

Damaged roofing can cause mold and rot in your attic rafters, damage attic insulation, and reduce your home’s property value and curb appeal. Damaged roofing doesn’t always look like holes in the roof; sometimes, the damages are smaller but still significant.

  • Missing shingles exposes the bare wood to moisture, encouraging rot and insect damage.

  • Damaged shingles are often caused by weather events, like hail and wind. Your shingles won’t be waterproofing if they have hail damage or are cracked and pulled up from the wind.

  • Missing or damaged metal flashing. Flashing is the metal that protects the shingles and structure from moisture where other structures meet the roof, for example, the brick of a chimney.

  • Missing gutter apron or damaged gutters. When a gutter apron is missing or the gutter has been ripped free from the attachment point, it can damage the edge of the roof, opening up the eaves to potential damage.

  • Rot and insect damage in the framing under the shingles. This can result in sagging roofing, which needs to be repaired or replaced.

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Cost of Roof Repairs

The costs of roofing repairs can seem daunting, but they are drastically less than a full roof replacement, or repairing damage to attic insulation and waterlogged walls from leaks. Under some circumstances, your homeowner’s insurance may cover part of the cost of repairs. This is especially the case if your roof was damaged in a weather event.

If you maintain a healthy roof, your home’s resale value will be higher than if you leave it in disrepair. This may mean that when you sell your home, you won’t have a roof replacement negotiated into the closing. Or it may mean your buyers will pay more for the knowledge that the roof is in good condition. One of the most common repairs requested after a home inspection is roof repairs. Many lenders won’t fund a sale without these repairs.

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Professional Roof Repair

While some tasks can be DIY’d, for most roof tasks, a professional will ensure the damages are repaired correctly. Our roofing contractors have the experience to help you decide what needs to be done and the most cost-effective way to get it done right.